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The Difference.

Dolo original. The difference between us isn't much, shot in New York City.

Rescue Me - Help the Homeless.

Dolo, Singer/songwriter Bill Guandolo and band perform original song Rescue Me, photos of band along with reality photos of children in poverty, homeless, poor, sick, and week who need help, care, and rescue. Video brings awareness to estimated 2,000,000 million people who are homeless on any given evening in America.

Everything - Thank You US Armed Forces.

Dolo pays tribute to our men and women in the United States Armed Forces for their courage,sacrifice and dedication with the original song, "Everything You Want Me To Be."

Life To Lose.

Dolo original. Life To Lose was written about a true story of a friend who's father was in a life threatening car accident and was helped by a stranger. Despite State police's best efforts, traffic cameras, eye witnesses, nobody ever found a trace of a human being helping this man. Doctors said there is no way he should have lived but the man swore that someone helped him apply pressure to his wounds so he didn't bleed out and die.


Dolo, singer/songwriter Bill Guandolo and band Jack Cornell, Fran Dyer, Neal Chapman and Doug Wilson perform first single, Passion. Producer John Custer, Eng - Jonathan Lowry,

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